EnVyUs vs Virtus Pro Tips Odds and Betting Preview – E League 2016 Group F Finals

EnVyUs vs Virtus Pro



EnVyUs were decent in their semi-finals match against Complexity. They won both the maps with score-lines of 16-8, 16-9. However Complexity have not even been close to challenging the top teams so far. Their performance has been low level even compared to T2 NA teams. So the scoreline should not be read into too much.


Virtus Pro on the other hand played against the much better and high skilled Gambit. The maps closed out fairly easily with Gambit not getting much rounds in either map. Virtus Pro showed an amazing CT hold on Mirage, followed by an equally impressive T side on Cobblestone. What we did see on both the maps were some really good team play by the Polish side.


In terms of maps, I think VP does have the advantage. They plays maps such as Mirage, Overpass, Train, Cobblestone & mediocre on Cache. EnVyUs plays Cache, Cobblestone, Mirage, Dust2.

The first vetoes from both teams are pretty straightforward. Virtus Pro will veto Dust2 while EnVyUs will veto Overpass.


The maps that will be picked are most likely Mirage( VP) and Cache  ( EnVyUs). While initially these maps look good for EnVyUs ( especially as they have improved on Mirage quite a bit); the team itself does not look so good right now. They seem to be not able to hit most of their shots even against a weak team such as Complexity.


I would go with Virtus Pro ( probably 2-1) to win the series, mainly cause of their recent form & a superior map pool


The Prediction : 60%-40% Virtus Pro

The Bet : Medium VP