EnVyUs win versus Liquid to top Group A

EnVyUs were up against Team Liquid in their second match of the day. Their performance was very impressive as they were looking for some good flank plays. Reinhart was the first to fall for Team Liquid as their defense faltered after Reinhart faltered. Checkpoint A was given up soon after and then we moved on to the Payload.


EnVyUs were able to get a rombo combo as they were able to set up the team fight with the Graviton surge into the other ultimates. EnVyUs were able to get forth almost towards the end point ; Liquid tried their best to stall the advance but ultimately were overcome as EnVyUs won the fights and didnt let anyone from their team die



The second map saw EnVyUs constantly changing heroes in order to confuse the enemy. Azk changed to tracer mid way and tried to flank Ana . If he could have got Ana that was Point A there and then, however he was unable to do so. Roadhog was the hero for EnVyUs as he intiitated a very good set of kills on EnVyUs. Check out the video for more.

Check out the full video here :