EPG replace Alliance in Dream League

Alliance has been replaced by EPG due to another tournament obligation

While Alliance qualified for and we’re invited to the Dream League tournament, however they’ve announced the team will not be attending. This us mainly due to the opposing invite to play in the SL I-League Invitational which they have prioritized to play in. Due to this decision, as the tournament have a clash in dates, Alliance will not be able to attend the Dream League tournament.

As a result of their decision, organisers for the Dream League has decided to bring in the next team, Elements Pro Gaming. While the Dream League has officially already started, Alliance has still to play which allows EPG to replace them without conflict.

Dream League is a fairly big event, as each match won by teams will provide the organisation with $1000, totally $56,000. In addition, there are also first, second, third and fourth place prize pools which can be seen below.

1st place: $80,000
2nd place: $45,000
3rd place: $30,000
4th place: $20,000