Epiphany vs LDLC.BLUE Tips , Odds and Preview.

Operation Kinguin


Epiphany vs LDLC.BLUE Tips , Odds and Preview.

Today we analyse the match between Epiphany.Bolt and LDLC.BLUE that commences on the 29th of February at 5PM GMT. This is a best of three event and it is hosted by Operation Kinguin.

Epiphany.Bolt have not been playing to par recently. They are on a losing streak and seem to be in a slump. They have won two games against Millenium and RCTIC giving them an overall win rate of 40% for their past five games.

LDLC.BLUE have been playing better than Epiphany with a 60% win rate from their past five games with wins over RCTIC , Copenhagen Wolves and AlienTech.

My prediction is 70% to LDLC.BLUE due to their better win rate against better teams than Epiphany.Bolt.

Calvin Hynes.