ESC Ever vs. Team SoloMid – LoL – IEM Katowice – Day 1 – Game 1

ESC Ever vs. Team SoloMid are matched up against each other for the League of Legends IEM Katowice tournament to be held Friday, March 4, 2016 – Day 1 Game 1

Crazy : Hauntzer

Ares : Svenskeren

Tempt : Bjergsen

LoKeN : Doublelift

KeY : YellowStar

ESC Ever

ESC Ever are a challenger team from South Korea, who already have some great achievements under their belt, winning IEM Cologne last yeah, and placing first in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, beating Qiao Gu and CJ Entus in those events respectively. Their roster is very strong, they have great communication, incredible team fights and clever plays. They look to be a rising force as they go through the Korean challenger scene, to get into the LCK. They look to spread kills across members of the team, so that the whole team is at an advantage, as opposed to one member being strong, but others weaker.

Team SoloMid, on the other hand, look somewhat hit and miss in their NA LCS games. One week they can go from crushing high tier opponents, and showing great team synergy and communication, to throwing games in which they were winning due to mispositioning, or lack of communication when dealing with major threats. However, with their star studded roster, if their coaching staff can get a solid team composition, and the team can play around their strengths, while shoring up their weaknesses, they do have a strong fight in them, which could let them get an advantage in their games.

Overall, based on how the teams are currently playing, I have to give the edge to ESC Ever, because they have looked dominant in their games against high tier opponents, while TSM have been lacklustre, but there is definitely room for an upset.

Chance of victory: ESC Ever: 65% : Team SoloMid: 35%