ESC Season 4 qualifiers – Rundown

Details of the Esports Championship Series has been released


Organizers have announced that teams will be able to enter from 2 main qualifications, the European Qualifiers and the North American Qualifiers. There are limited spots avaliable, both 1024 slots in each qualifier, so register quick of you want a spot! As always if you register, make sure you include ALL the proper details like the name on you roster + subs, or else they may reject some of you later down the track.

The European and North American Qualifiers will be held across 5 days / 6 days. EU will be from the 19th to the 24th of August while the NA qualifiers will be held an extra day and end on the 25th of August. However, once teams then pass the open qualifiers, they will b required to go head to head with 4 other invited teams. This will be called the “development league” and the top teams from this, only then, may qualify to enter the ESC Season 4 event.