ESEA with $20k Monthly MM League

ESEA have revised their previous matchmaking system and announced a new format, which will include a monthly $20,000 pug league for players competing in the ESL Pro League North American division and more.

ESEA have announced a new and revised format for their league. This comes as a counter to FaceIt’s FPL which has become hugely popular. The players taking part will be distributed into four ranks according to their “ELO”, A through D. They will have a decent chance to work their way up.


An additional rank, rank S, meant mostly for professional players, will give out $20,000 each month across the top contenders based on their points at the end of the month.

The invited players include players of teams such as :

  • Echo Fox
  • TSM
  • Tempo Storm
  • ex-Ibuypower

For the time being, the competition is only running in North America, but according to the release ESEA are looking to bring Rank S to Europe’s Pro League players by early April.