ESL Barcelona Day 3 Preview

Day 3


Teams Left

Fnatic Fnatic
Gamers2 Gamers2
Astralis Astralis
Team Dignitas Dignitas


Lives Left Per team

Fnatic 2
Gamers2 2
Astralis 2
Team Dignitas 2

We are nearing the business end of the tournament and whatever alliances were formed in the first two days have to come down today. Each team is on an even standing and each team will look to eliminate their opponents. There will however be a mini alliance with Astralis and Dignitas with each team helping each other to secure a higher ranking. The reasoning behind the alliances lies with the fact that the higher rank you get in the tournament, the higher prize money you earn.


The first match of the day is between Astralis and Dignitas and the winner of that match will decide the future course of the schedule.

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