ESL One Cologne 2016 Group C Preview



Group C is one of the tougher groups in the Major. The team has four qualified contenders to move on to the playoff stage.


The four teams in the Group include Liquid, VP, Mouz, EnVyUs.



Liquid 2016

Liquid’s Roster :


  • Hiko
  • Nitro
  • Simple
  • JDM
  • Elige

Team Liquid will be using Simple as a stand-in especially for this event. This roster consisting of Simple and JDM is a very potent roster which can go off. Simple will be playing with the rifle as the dedicated AWP role is already been taken by JDM.


Team Liquid have got a decent combination of players which includes some crazy entry fraggers like JDM, Simple as well as the clutchmaster in Hiko. Their map pool includes maps such as Dust2, Cache, Overpass, Cobblestone.


Liquid are one of the best NA teams in play right now. They have consistently made deep runs into tournaments and even upset quite a few teams. Their performance, despite having star players in Simple and JDM, Hiko does not rely on any one particular player.


In this group, they have a chance of upsetting others especially as the top two teams are pretty much out of form for an extended period of time. The maps that Liquid play / like are similar to those of Mouz, EnVyUs and Virtus Pro. Hence the comfort factor for the NA side will be dominant in the vetoes

Virtus Pro

VP 2016

Virtus Pro Roster includes :

  • Taz
  • Neo
  • Snax
  • Pasha
  • Byali

Virtus Pro have had a very bad start to 2016. It is almost 6 months and their performance has just been dwindling. They got relegated from ESL Pro League. They have not been looking as strong as they are capable of since quite some time. There have been strong criticisms from the community and analysts alike.


Virtus Pro’s map pool is very wide but they are not super efficient on any particular map. They prefer to play a myriad of maps ( almost all except Dust2). However there are not many maps that they can comfortable score a win on. They play on many maps but they have had mixed results on pretty much all of them. Sometimes they win against very good teams and sometimes lose to much worse teams on the same maps.


VP as a team have stuck together for a long period of time. Indeed I think they are the oldest team with the same roster. As such there is no doubt that they gel well together as a team. They have matured off from their erratic natures in the past and are much more mature right now.


The team however is severely inconsistent. They have not been able to perform consistently well and have been flirting around with success and failure. This group consists of another top team in a slump in the form of EnVyUs. As such I think the group is pretty much open to most of the teams



The German team’s roster consists of :

  • ChrisJ
  • Niko
  • Nex
  • Spiidi
  • Denis

Ever since Niko got into the team, despite him being a star player worthy of all the praise he has been getting, the team in general has been suffering. They are not able to make deep runs into tournaments as they used to under the guidance of GobB. Mousesports have a decent map pool which includes some of their better maps in Cache, Mirage, Cobblestone and Dust2. They are also somewhat decent on Train. We have not seen them play Nuke at all while their performance on Overpass is mediocre to say the least.


Based on their recent performances I would say Mouz has a good chance of coming out last in this group. Their roster shows promise, but the way their recent matches have gone have been very bad.


EnVyUS 2016

The roster for EnVyUs is :

  • Happy
  • KennyS
  • NBK
  • Apex
  • Devil


EnVyUs have been in a slump since a long time. Their roster has been undergoing lots of changes with multiple In Game leaders governing the team. They are still to settle on a particular position with respect to their team. EnVyUs as a team prefer to play on open maps such as Cobblestone, Cache and even Dust2. However they have also improved their game on maps such as Mirage and Train. But the general form of the team has been slacking off late. Their last match was against Virtus Pro in the finals of the E League Group F.


The roster for EnVyUs has had many changes. They have experimented a lot with their roster and in the recent times have not been able to attain much success. Their recent matches show some signs of improvements, however even yesterday against Complexity they were hardly able to hit any shots. Their map pool is quite limited mainly cause of their vetoing of Overpass and Nuke to a large extent.


EnVyUs should be able to come out at least second in my opinion despite their bad form of late. They have been improving slowly in their form.


There are two pre determined matches so far in this group :


  • Liquid vs EnVyUs


This  match depends heavily on the map. Liquid are defintiely a good team and are totally capable of upsetting EnVyUs. It depends on whether EnVyUs will be able to turn up on the particular day. The first day of the tournament is usually  a bad start for the French side and as such a low bet on Liquid makes sense


The Bet : Low on liquid



  • Virtus Pro vs Mouz


Virtus Pro looked much better and much more co ordinated in their recent matches at E League. These matches showcased a very good team effort by the team and as such its obvious that they should be able to win over a lacklustre Mouz ( who have been on a downward spiral since Niko joined the team)


The Bet : Medium on Virtus Pro