ESL UK Premiership 3 announced with £10,500 +




UESmash surprised everyone by scoring a victory in the finals over Infused in a best of five Finals at last year’s ESL UK Premiership Season 2 and ESL has announced that they will be holding season 3 of the same championship this year. The tournament will have three qualifiers starting from March 14th till March 28th. Each the teams will be vying for wins as each victory will grant them points. At the end of three qualifiers, the four teams with the most points will be qualified onto the next stage.

ESL UK Premiership



The top four teams of the third season and four teams from the ESL UK Premiership Promotions will then battle it out in seven match weeks to secure a position at the LAN finals. The group stage will start on April 18th and will end on May 30th. During this stage, each team will have the chance to earn £179 per victory en route to the LAN finals, which will be announced at a later time.


Schedule for ESL UK Premiership Season 3 :



  • March  14-28 : Three Preliminary Qualifiers
  • April 9-10 : ESL UK Premiership Promotions
  • April 18 – May 30th : ESL UK Premiership Group Stage
  • TBA : ESL UK Premiership Playoffs

The Prize Distribution for the Tournament winners would be :


  1. £2750
  2. £1375
  3. £875
  4. £500

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