eSports exam in China brings up lots of debates

An e-sport examination administered by a vocational school in Inner Mongolia has ignited online debate among Chinese netizens, with many showing great interest in the newly established major.


The new vocational course will be something of interest to the younger generation as they are definitely interested in the stream. The exam will focus on one particular game for now : League of Legends. This new course will be a part at Xilingol Vocational School.


“Before the exam, I spent one whole night trying to memorize all the theories and operating skills of the game. Without systematic study, you can’t earn a good grade,” He Jinduo, a student from the school, told the Beijing Times in an interview.

“The mid-term exams for e-sports cover six subjects, mainly focusing on the most popular international video games. Around 30 percent of students failed the exams this time,” said Wu Hao, dean of Xilingol Vocational School.

However not all the reaction to this news was positive.


“I cannot believe e-sports is a college major. Excessive attention to video games only saps students’ wills; playing games will not benefit their futures,” another netizen commented.


Representative of The school :

“We are compiling textbooks for our students now, as there is no existing material to relyon. The textbooks will cover five years of professional education, and they are expected tobe released next year,” said Li Ailong, a recruiter for Xilingol Vocational College.