Esports has more regular viewers than hockey

Esports has been gaining traction in the last couple of weeks. Several top NBA organisations and persons of interest from Sports have invested into esports. The Esports industry has been growing at a frantic pace.


This has not only been noticed by the investors but also by NewZoo which compiled together a repor recently which showed data regarding Esports viewership being much better than Sports


Newzoo eSports report

Millenials are shown to be more interested in eSports than in regular sports. This age group, which is considered vital to the growth of a company is the target audience for many brands. As such it is inevitable that they will follow the customer into eSports.


The games have truly become a global spectator sport. The way the audience has been diversified and coming from various countries is quite extraordinary. The average gamer could be from anywhere and as such it helps create brand awareness on a global scale. It is very useful for big companies.


The numbers speak for themselves. The future lies in eSports and there is no denying that. 22% of all males watch eSports. This number also includes 75% who do not actually play the games that they watch.


If this number were to correlate with the NBA, eSports would triple in size to become a $1.5 B industry.

The report which consists of data from over 60000 people across 27 countries across a span of 3 years is one of the most detailed and comprehensive report on Esports viewing habits.