esportswikis drops paid staff – League of Legends

Head wiki manager “River” has tweeted that her along with her staff’s contracts will not be renewed

Reddit has been in uproar upon the news that the head staff at esportswikis along with all the paid staff at the website will not be having their contracts renewed. While many esports websites are a great source of information for recent news, wikis such as esportswikis are essential to find up to date information on any single team or player. The people who run the league of legends division of esportswikis, like “River” and her staff are extremely dedicated and try their best to keep the website extremely professional and convenient to use. So the news that esportswikis are failing to renew the contracts of these amazing people is EXTREMELY disappointing. While many wiki’s use volunteer contributions, wiki’s without paid admins and staff are substantially much worse, as information can be accurate and updated much too slowly.

Q: Is there any financial compensation?
A: No, we are a volunteer organization

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Redditors have paged Riot’s co founder and president Mark Merril along with 2 other casters, “Jatt” and “Deficio” to pick up these staff as Riot’s official team information division. Many also regard esportswikis the best site among all the other wikis, so it’s a real shame that the site will be losing it’s amazing staff that have contributed so much for the community.