eStar Gaming vs. Oh My God HOTS Gold Series Tournament 2016 Tips, Odds & Preview

estar gaming

eStar Gaming

eStar Gaming is by far the team to beat in this championship series. With multiple 1st place tournament finishes within the past year, with no roster changes. This team has the chemistry that you need to be good in Heroes of the Storm. Team was started by a former Warcraft 3 pro known as xiaOt, being huge in that scene, this team has nothing short of a huge following. Taking 2nd place right behind MVP Black in the most recent WCA Finals, was this teams ONLY 2nd place finish, ever. If you’re looking for a great Heroes of the Storm team to follow, this my friends is the team to watch.


Battletag                        Name                            Role

Tiger                               Chen Hanfei               Support
Tumi                               Wu Zhihao                  Assassin
XingC                             Kang Lunhan              Assassin
xiaOt                              Sun Liwei                    Warrior
NccCc                           Li Tuo                           Support

Oh My God

Oh My God a complete new team to the Heroes of the Storm scene, the organization as a whole has been known for their League of Legends team, and has branched off into the HOTS scene. This is the first tournament this roster has played in together and it will be nice to see how they play out. Although this first match for them will be a huge uphill battle against some of the best players in China and possibly the world. If you like to root for the underdog team in a tournament this is the team to follow for you.


Battletag                     Name                            Role

Xuyu                           Chen Jing                     Assassin
520                             He Jia                           Assassin
xxxxxTq                     Shi Weitian                  Warrior
ripper                         Wang Junkai               Assassin
iceMan                      Cheng Lei                     Support


eStart Gaming: 80%
Oh My God: 20%