EU LCS ends mid season relegation

Riot EU has made some sweeping changes,one being the end of mid season relegation

While the North America competitive League of Legends has announced plans many months ago to transition to a league system without relegation, Europe was ignored as a part of their change. As a result, many EU teams have long complained of the poor competitive situation in the region, with increasing cost and pressures.

Riot’s response to appease EU organisations has finally come out following the departure of various EU teams. In 2018, EU will remove its mid season relegation to relieve some pressure on the teams, this has announced to be the start of a transition planned for 2019 where EU to will move toward a league system. This change is definitely seen as a temporary measure, as Riot’s decision to only plan an EU league system in 2019 (more than a year away), is to observe whether the league system in NA will work.

Removing mid season relegations is a step forward for the relationship between Riot and the organizations, but this may lead to a less competitive EU LCS in 2018.