EU LCS – Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love – Week 2 Day 1 – Tips Odds and Previews

Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love

Gamsu : Vizicsacsi

Spirit : Move

Febiven : Exileh

Rekkles : Veritas

Yellowstar : Hylissang

Fnatic Logo

Fnatic came of a good week, with 1 win, and 1 tie, they definitely have plenty of good things to count on. Playing well against Giants, closing out games quickly and efficiently, meant that a clean 2-0 was picked up on the first day, giving a confidence boost to them, and making them look like one of the teams to beat to their opposition. Against Vitality, the games were a bit closer, but by picking up one game and securing the draw, they can be happy with the week they had. Looking to this game, they have higher skilled players in most roles, and better shotcalling from Yellowstar, as well as synergy built up from the spring split.

On the side of Unicorns, they had both 1 win and 1 loss. Losing both games to Schalke must have blown their confidence, as they were quite literally torn apart and showed who was boss. But they managed to bring it back against a struggling Origen, and made an acceptable week. Their new players showed some solid play, Exileh played better on assassins, and Veritas played better on AD carries such as Kalista and Caitlyn, compared to the losses on Twitch and Ezreal.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Fnatic: 30%

1-1 Draw: 50%

2-0 to Unicorns: 20%