EU LCS – H2K vs Giants – Week 2 Day 1 – Tips Odds and Previews


H2K     vs     Giants

Odoamne : Smittyj

Jankos : Maxlore

Ryu : Night

Freeze : Sonstar

Vander : Hustlin


Coming off 2 ties last week, H2K seem somewhat shaky compared to what was expected of them at the start. In their wins, they have been a crushing force, with only 5 and 6 deaths in their respective wins, they have control and seem to always know what the next step is, however, when they lose, they seem to play brokenly and don’t have all the co-ordination they need. Nevertheless, against Giants, they should be able to crush in the lane phase, as each member of H2K is stronger than their counterpart. They can use any advantage from there to secure objectives, and take the game.

On the side of Giants, despite losing all games last week, they played alright for an unexperienced team. They play some of the top teams in Europe, Fnatic and G2, so it was expected that they lose both matches. They should be able to review their games, and watch Fnatic and G2’s playstyle, in order to improve their own gameplay. They may have been able to get some good practise in, before this week’s games, but it is unlikely that that pick anything up here.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to H2K: 70%

1-1 Draw: 25%

2-0 to Giants: 5%