EU LCS – Roccat vs G2 Esports – Week 2 Day 1 – Tips Odds and Previews

Roccat vs G2 Esports

Parang : Kikis

AIrwaks : Trick

Betsy : Perkz

Steeelback : Zven

Raise : mithy

G2 gaming

A side that I underestimated, Roccat managed two draws last week, against H2K and Splyce. Granted their wins weren’t dominating, but they also weren’t crushed either. Even though they may not have a star studded line-up, Roccat’s team do seem solid when their team composition is right and when they get the ball rolling in their favour. They tested champions such as Jayce top, and Jhin at AD carry, but then switched back to more meta picks as well. As long as they stay meta, they could cause a surprise draw here, but I think it is unlikely that they take two games off of G2.

For G2, the only team winning all games last week, they have a big confidence boost, as well as a highly skilled team. Bringing in Zven and mithy was a fantastic idea, and has allowed them to show they are still a top team. They did play two of the weakest teams in Europe at the moment, but securing themselves a two point lead already allows them to take an upset draw and still be at the top. They learnt at MSI they shouldn’t relax and slack off of practise, and it is unlikely Zven and mithy will let the rest of the team do so, so I anticipate great things from this team to come.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Roccat: 8%

1-1 Draw: 20%

2-0 to G2: 72%