EU LCS – Splyce vs FC Schalke 04 – Week 2 Day 1 – Tips Odds and Previews

Splyce vs FC Schalke 04

Wunder : Steve

Trashy : Gilius

Sencux : Fox

Kobbe : MrRalleZ

Mikyx : sprattel











Coming off of two ties last week, Splyce really showed they’re not a team to be laughed at, it seems that after Nisbeth stepped down, their overall play has improved, and Mikyx has filled the void left behind. Taking games off of Roccat and Vitality show that Splyce have some good mechanics and teamwork, finally allowing Kobbe to really get involved, an underestimated AD carry from last split really shined in their win against Vitality. Hopefully this type of play can continue, as it’ll be the easiest way for them to get more wins.

On the side of Schalke, they also really impressed this week, gaining a win and a tie for themselves, placing them tied 2nd with Fnatic after the first week. Although there aren’t many games to review, they looked strong, and played as a cohesive unit in their games. They smashed through UOL on the first day, proving they were not to be messed with, and by taking a game off of H2K, in a somewhat convincing fashion, they showed they had the skills to be a top half team. As long as they keep that up, I can seem them doing well this split.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Splyce: 30%

1-1 Draw: 40%

2-0 to Schalke: 30%