EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Preview 2016

Welcome to the first preview of the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, where we see Origen, G2 Esports, H2K, Roccat, Splyce, Vitality, Fnatic, Giants , FC Schalke 04 and Unicorns of love in action.

Week 1; Day 1 (Jun 2nd)

Game 1: Origen vs G2 Esports

Soaz : Kikis
Amazing : Trick
PowerOfEvil : Perkz
Hybrid : mithy
A remake of the spring split finals, but the teams have switched it up a little. Zven and mithy were the Origen bot lane duo last split, and Hybrid was the support for G2. In a best of 2 format, both these teams could switch up their playstyle, if the first game doesn’t go their way, Origen could bring in xPeke, and G2 could shift their focus to Zven to carry.
For Origen, when they had Zven it was an extremely AD carry centric team, piling almost all of their resources onto him to carry, sometimes it paid off, but in games where he was easily caught or shutdown, they were left with very little left. Now, with FORG1VENGRE in their line-up, they could look to shift away from that playstyle, and put resources onto other members, in order to have a multi-threat composition.
On G2’s side, Zven and mithy, with experience from going to worlds with Origen, may be able to bring needed structure and order to an otherwise young and wild team. While last season their aggressive and dynamic style may have worked, with a lot of time between last split and now, it is highly likely that teams will have reviewed their games, and worked out times where G2 made mistakes, and how to exploit that. With Zven and mithy, who are a very good bot lane pair, they should have 2 dominating lanes, (bot and mid) with Kikis playing tanks to provide utility, as opposed to another damage threat. Their team is well rounded, and each player is one of the top in their role in EU.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to G2 Esports.

Game 2: H2K vs Roccat

Odoamne : Parang
Jankos : Airwaks
Ryu : Betsy
Freeze : Steeelback
Vander : Raise

H2K, after falling to Fnatic in the 3rd/4th place match last split, are looking to get back on the horse by replacing their ADC with Freeze. He has always been highly rated, but stuck on poorly performing teams. Now, on H2K he finally has a chance to prove if the hype around him is real. The rest of the team are definitely up to par, as they were able to stay in the top 2 for the vast majority of the spring split.

For Roccat, after a close series in the relegation series, they managed to make their way back into the LCS. They upgraded their AD carry, bringing in Steeelback from UOL. Their Korean imports, Parang and Raise played together on Stardust in the Challengers Korea spring split. They have good synergy together, as well as deep champion pools. If they are able to communicate and have synergy with their teammates, they could be the change that Roccat needs, in order to perform in the summer split. However, in the first few weeks, there could be problems.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to H2K.

Game 3: Splyce vs Vitality

Wunder : Cabochard
Trashy : Mightybear
Sencux : Nukeduck
Kobbe : Police
Mikyx : kaSing
For Splyce, after making their way out of the relegation tournament, Nisbeth stepped down, and they took on Mikyx, who was Fnatic’s substitute support last split. He could be the change that the team needs, in order to do well this split. However, the rest of the team are still somewhat lacklustre, and will probably struggle against the other teams in the league. However, if they build synergy, and play with good communication, then they can definitely put up a fight.
On Vitality’s side, replacing Shook and Hjarnan, arguably the two weakest members of the team, could be a good sign. They ended last split in 5th-6th place after dropping out in the first round. With Mightybear, a Chinese jungler who played for teams such as Newbee, and Korean AD carry Police, who has a huge champion pool and is willing to bring them into competitive play, they definitely have the resources to make a great impact this split. Along with 3 great players, this team is looking strong, and could easily contest top spots, looking to go to worlds.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to Vitality.

Game 4: FC Schalke 04 vs Unicorns of Love

Steve : Vizicsacsi
Gilius : Move
Fox : Exileh
MrRalleZ : Veritas
Sprattel : Hylissang
After being bought by FC Schalke, former Elements roster stayed mainly the same, except for substituting Fox in for Eika. Fox was a solid midlaner for UOL, and should be a consistent source of damage or utility, to help Schalke perform this split. The rest of the team is somewhat mediocre, in my opinion, but their weakest link has been replaced, so Schalke could be a mid-tier team this split.
On the side of UOL, bringing in 3 new players mixes up their playstyle, and makes it difficult for them to be analysed, before they play any games. With Veritas and Exileh having little to no competitive experience, they are wildcards that could be a liability, but could also be a great success. Move also played for Gravity in 2015, and was awarded Outstanding Rookie of the split in summer. Also their ADC, Veritas speaks English, so will be able to communicate more easily that other foreign imports, allowing better synergy and team play.
Score Prediction: 1-1.

Game 5 Fnatic vs Giants

Gamsu : Smittyj
Spirit : Maxlore
Febiven : Night
Rekkles : SONSTAR
Yellowstar : Hustlin

With the return of Fnatic legend Yellowstar, the team has a great shot at performing this year, in 2015 he led a team of rookies to 3rd/4th place at worlds, and with a more experienced roster, they could go even further. The whole team has looked very solid, and with time to prepare for summer, they could begin their split in an explosive fashion. Against Giants, a weak team overall, Fnatic should be able to show they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
For Giants, scraping their way back into the LCS through the relegation tournament, Giants decided to replace midlane xPePii with Korean Night, and replacing their jungler with a challenger player, Maxlore, who bounced between different teams. Overall, this roster looks weak on paper, especially compared to other teams in the league. It will be hard for a team of misfits to synergise together, if they all speak different languages, and don’t have much time to play together. Against Fnatic, who have had a whole split together, with Yellowstar returning back, they will have a difficult time making an impact here.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to Fnatic.

EU LCS Summer Split Preview Week 1, Day 2 (Jun 3rd):

Game 1: Splyce vs Roccat

Wunder : Parang
Trashy : Airwaks
Sencux : Betsy
Kobbe : Steeelback
Mikyx : Raise

Both these rosters are looking somewhat weak when compared to others in the EU league, but when facing each other, they appear roughly equal in skill. Both Roccat and Splyce went through the relegation tournament, and had to fight hard for their spot in the LCS.
For Splyce, only changing one member of their team will mean they should have kept their synergy high and will be able to work as a cohesive unit. Adding in Mikyx, after Nisbeth stepped down, could be the vital change they need to do better than last split. Against Roccat, a team I’d put relatively close to them in power rankings, they need to pick up a win to place themselves above, as securing early victories will be crucial down the line.
The tale is similar for Roccat, they will need as many wins as possible, so that nearer to the end of the split they will have a better chance of avoiding the relegation tournament. With a new AD carry, in Steeelback, their botlane is a potent threat, as Steeelback has lots of experience with teams such as Fnatic and Unicorns of Love. He may be able to lead them in game, and then take them to victory.
Score Prediction: 1-1. But I think both games will be messy, as both teams will lack synergy and mechanical skill.

Game 2: Unicorns of Love vs Origen

Vizicsacsi : Soaz
Move : Amazing
Exileh : PowerOfEvil
Hylissang : Hybrid
Unicorn’s roster looks, to me, like they kept the two cornerstones of their previous roster, but then filled in the gaps poorly, getting two new imports, with hardly any competitive experience, and Move, who hasn’t played in a big league since 2015. However, if Vizicsacsi and Hylissang are able to teach their new players, and lead them when in game, then these new players could really shine. However, since we don’t have any indication of their skill on stage, we can’t really judge their play.
On the side of Origen, their roster looks very strong, getting a class botlane duo will really help, since they are losing one of the best duos in EU. As for the rest of the map, they were able to perform well in 2015, but in the spring of 2016 there was a falter in their performance, which showed as they dropped from being in the best teams in EU, to mid table. However, they did play very well in the playoffs, only falling to G2 Esports in the 1st place match, after 5 games.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to Origen.

Game 3: Giants vs G2 Esports

SmittyJ : Kikis
Maxlore : Trick
Night : Perkz
Hustlin : mithy
This looks to be a one way game. Giants struggled to get out of the relegation tournament, and G2 finished 1st place last split, and have upgraded their bot lane duo, meaning they’re a greater force than before. If the new imports turn out to be superstars for Giants, then they could have a shot at taking a game off of G2, but it is unlikely.
On the side of G2, they have the mechanical skill advantage in each lane, and as long as they play as a team, keep focus and don’t underestimate their enemy, then they should be able to secure the series. With Zven and mithy, two well experienced players on the roster, they should have no problems keeping the younger players, such as Perkz under control, so that they don’t go too far and throw away leads.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to G2 Esports.

Game 4: Team Vitality vs Fnatic

Cabochard : Gamsu
Mightybear : Spirit
Nukeduck : Febiven
Police : Rekkles
kaSing : Yellowstar
A battle of two fantastic rosters, this will definitely be an interesting series to watch, as it will be very important for both teams to go for a 2-0 here, so that later in the split they can have an advantage and be placed higher up when playoffs rolls around. It will be difficult for both teams, and the series could go any direction.
With two new players, Vitality can look to change up their playstyle, Shook, their previous jungler, spent a lot of time around Cabochard, ganking frequently for him and getting him rolling. However, Mightybear can change that if the team needs, and can provide new insight from the Chinese league about how they play the map.
For Fnatic, with Yellowstar back in the roster, they have a solid shotcaller, allowing Rekkles to focus back on his own play, as opposed to trying to lead the team as well. Their whole roster is very strong, and with good leadership can perform amazingly. There is no doubt Deilor, their coach will be teaching them to listen to Yellowstar and making sure they act as a well-oiled machine.
Score Prediction: 1-1. I think one team will crush the first game, only to be countered in the second game, resulting in a draw overall.

Game 5: H2K vs FC Schalke 04

Odoamne : Steve
Jankos : Gilius
Ryu : Fox
Freeze : MrRalleZ
Vander : sprattel
H2K have a pretty strong roster this split, only replacing FORG1VENGRE with Freeze, who is a highly rated AD carry, who has been stuck on poor teams. Now he finally has a chance to show if he’s really up to the standard. The rest of the team are definitely up to standard, as shown in their play last split. With Freeze in their line up, they can take some resources away from their AD carry, and give it to other members, such as Ryu or Jankos, to give them more chance to carry, as Freeze won’t require as many resources as FORG1VENGRE did.
On the side of Schalke, formerly Elements, replacing Eika with Fox was certainly a good decision, as he often performed poorly, so they definitely have a better roster than last split. However the rest of their roster are still mid table at best. They finished 7th last split, barely escaping the relegation tournament. However, with the backing of a sports team, they could get better staff and other requirements, meaning the team could get better practise than other teams.
Overall, H2K do have a better roster on paper, so I have to expect them to win the series.
Score Prediction: 2-0 to H2K.