EU LCS Summer Split Week 2 Preview 2016

Esprts presents the second week of predictions for the EU LCS Summer Split. Will H2K break into a win? Will Unicorns of love recover from their loss last week? Check out the team v team previews and betting tips below!

Day 1 (Jun 9th):

Game 1:

H2K     vs     Giants

Odoamne : Smittyj

Jankos : Maxlore

Ryu : Night

Freeze : Sonstar

Vander : Hustlin

Coming off 2 ties last week, H2K seem somewhat shaky compared to what was expected of them at the start. In their wins, they have been a crushing force, with only 5 and 6 deaths in their respective wins, they have control and seem to always know what the next step is, however, when they lose, they seem to play brokenly and don’t have all the co-ordination they need. Nevertheless, against Giants, they should be able to crush in the lane phase, as each member of H2K is stronger than their counterpart. They can use any advantage from there to secure objectives, and take the game.

On the side of Giants, despite losing all games last week, they played alright for an unexperienced team. They play some of the top teams in Europe, Fnatic and G2, so it was expected that they lose both matches. They should be able to review their games, and watch Fnatic and G2’s playstyle, in order to improve their own gameplay. They may have been able to get some good practise in, before this week’s games, but it is unlikely that that pick anything up here.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to H2K: 70%

1-1 Draw: 25%

2-0 to Giants: 5%


Game 2:

Team Vitality     :     Origen

Cabochard : SoaZ

Mightybear : Amazing

Nukeduck : PowerOfEvil

Police : xPeke

KaSing : Hybrid

Vitality have two ties from last week, and while they looked very strong in their wins, their losses were a different story. Unstructured and disorganised, they were often caught out and that caused multiple deaths, and then objectives, as seen last into the first game against Splyce. Against Fnatic, once again their win was solid, then their loss was shaky. Maybe it’s due to playing best of two’s for the first time, or team composition failures, as they lost both times Nukeduck played LeBlanc. They should be able to fix these minor errors for this coming week, and should look stronger than before.

Origen lost all four of last week’s games, and have sub sequentially stated FORG1VEN is moving off the starting roster due to lack of motivation. They had only one close game, against G2 Esports, but were unable to finish the game. With a new bot lane, it could be put down to lack of synergy or practise, but it seemed to be more than just the bot lane underperforming. With xPeke in the adc role, they could have a very shaky bot lane, and they can’t rely on his legendary shotcalling, as he will need to focus more than ever, as this is a new role for him and he needs to concentrate on what he’s doing. Against a team like Vitality, Origen might be able to take a game, but I don’t see them consistently performing against them.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Team Vitality: 30%

1-1 Draw: 50%

2-0 to Origen: 20%




Game 3:

Fnatic     :     Unicorns of Love

Gamsu : Vizicsacsi

Spirit : Move

Febiven : Exileh

Rekkles : Veritas

Yellowstar : Hylissang

Fnatic came of a good week, with 1 win, and 1 tie, they definitely have plenty of good things to count on. Playing well against Giants, closing out games quickly and efficiently, meant that a clean 2-0 was picked up on the first day, giving a confidence boost to them, and making them look like one of the teams to beat to their opposition. Against Vitality, the games were a bit closer, but by picking up one game and securing the draw, they can be happy with the week they had. Looking to this game, they have higher skilled players in most roles, and better shotcalling from Yellowstar, as well as synergy built up from the spring split.

On the side of Unicorns, they had both 1 win and 1 loss. Losing both games to Schalke must have blown their confidence, as they were quite literally torn apart and showed who was boss. But they managed to bring it back against a struggling Origen, and made an acceptable week. Their new players showed some solid play, Exileh played better on assassins, and Veritas played better on AD carries such as Kalista and Caitlyn, compared to the losses on Twitch and Ezreal.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Fnatic: 30%

1-1 Draw: 50%

2-0 to Unicorns: 20%


Game 4:

Roccat     :     G2 Esports

Parang : Kikis

AIrwaks : Trick

Betsy : Perkz

Steeelback : Zven

Raise : mithy

A side that I underestimated, Roccat managed two draws last week, against H2K and Splyce. Granted their wins weren’t dominating, but they also weren’t crushed either. Even though they may not have a star studded line-up, Roccat’s team do seem solid when their team composition is right and when they get the ball rolling in their favour. They tested champions such as Jayce top, and Jhin at AD carry, but then switched back to more meta picks as well. As long as they stay meta, they could cause a surprise draw here, but I think it is unlikely that they take two games off of G2.

For G2, the only team winning all games last week, they have a big confidence boost, as well as a highly skilled team. Bringing in Zven and mithy was a fantastic idea, and has allowed them to show they are still a top team. They did play two of the weakest teams in Europe at the moment, but securing themselves a two point lead already allows them to take an upset draw and still be at the top. They learnt at MSI they shouldn’t relax and slack off of practise, and it is unlikely Zven and mithy will let the rest of the team do so, so I anticipate great things from this team to come.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Roccat: 8%

1-1 Draw: 20%

2-0 to G2: 72%

Game 5:

Splyce     :     FC Schalke 04

Wunder : Steve

Trashy : Gilius

Sencux : Fox

Kobbe : MrRalleZ

Mikyx : sprattel

Coming off of two ties last week, Splyce really showed they’re not a team to be laughed at, it seems that after Nisbeth stepped down, their overall play has improved, and Mikyx has filled the void left behind. Taking games off of Roccat and Vitality show that Splyce have some good mechanics and teamwork, finally allowing Kobbe to really get involved, an underestimated AD carry from last split really shined in their win against Vitality. Hopefully this type of play can continue, as it’ll be the easiest way for them to get more wins.

On the side of Schalke, they also really impressed this week, gaining a win and a tie for themselves, placing them tied 2nd with Fnatic after the first week. Although there aren’t many games to review, they looked strong, and played as a cohesive unit in their games. They smashed through UOL on the first day, proving they were not to be messed with, and by taking a game off of H2K, in a somewhat convincing fashion, they showed they had the skills to be a top half team. As long as they keep that up, I can seem them doing well this split.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Splyce: 30%

1-1 Draw: 40%

2-0 to Schalke: 30%