EU LCS – Team Vitality vs Origen – Week 2 Day 1 – Tips Odds and Previews

Team Vitality vs Origen

Cabochard : SoaZ

Mightybear : Amazing

Nukeduck : PowerOfEvil

Police : xPeke

KaSing : Hybrid


Vitality have two ties from last week, and while they looked very strong in their wins, their losses were a different story. Unstructured and disorganised, they were often caught out and that caused multiple deaths, and then objectives, as seen last into the first game against Splyce. Against Fnatic, once again their win was solid, then their loss was shaky. Maybe it’s due to playing best of two’s for the first time, or team composition failures, as they lost both times Nukeduck played LeBlanc. They should be able to fix these minor errors for this coming week, and should look stronger than before.

Origen lost all four of last week’s games, and have sub sequentially stated FORG1VEN is moving off the starting roster due to lack of motivation. They had only one close game, against G2 Esports, but were unable to finish the game. With a new bot lane, it could be put down to lack of synergy or practise, but it seemed to be more than just the bot lane underperforming. With xPeke in the adc role, they could have a very shaky bot lane, and they can’t rely on his legendary shotcalling, as he will need to focus more than ever, as this is a new role for him and he needs to concentrate on what he’s doing. Against a team like Vitality, Origen might be able to take a game, but I don’t see them consistently performing against them.

Score Prediction:

2-0 to Team Vitality: 30%

1-1 Draw: 50%

2-0 to Origen: 20%