eUnited sign 2 superstars

eUnited has signed GBM and DanDy, two top tier players

North American Challanger team is looking to rise up the ranks and advance to the NA LCS stage. These two players are unquestionably an upgrade from their previous players, where both have recognition all around the world for having one of the best mechanical skills ever. While GBM has yet to find major success with his previous teams as he was lastly signed with Vitality as a substitute player, there is no doubt his skills are still top notch. The former world championship winner, Dandy, on the other hand has had much less recently. That said, he is still a former world champion and will surely be unrivalled compared to the other players in the NA CS.

These two contracts are a huge step for eUnited, and definitely a big risk for the organisation which HAS to pay off for the team. The contract are likely worth hundreds of thousands, and success is essential for the team or the risk being drived down under as news of fresh investment has yet to appear. While it is a great risk, I believe with these two star players, advancing to the NA LCS from the CS won’t be too challenging for the team, especially if they land a great team coach to seal the deal.