Evil Geniuses Announce New Roster


Post Manila Major teams some teams will be looking to shake up their roster and or consolidate the positions of certain players leading up the International 2016. EG today announced their new roster will be as follows:

New @EvilGeniuses roster


Extracts can be found below:

“While we’re very excited to welcome these two players back to the team, in doing so we also had to make the difficult decision to part ways with two other individuals we have great respect and appreciation for: Sam “BuLba” Sosale and Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling – both of whom played invaluable roles in our TI5 championship run, as coach and player, respectively. ”

” Now, as far as TI6 goes, we’re making these changes with the full understanding that in doing so, we will forfeit our direct invite to the tournament.”