Evil Geniuses drops 2 members – Dota 2


Evil Geniuses has released both Fear and Zai from their Dota 2 roster.


The two parties, Feat & Zai along with Evil Geniuses have yet to release a statement on the recent roster change. It is likely that the two players have been released following the outstanding performance at TI6 and them wanting to join another team.


Fear on the other hand has an unknown future. Fear has been in the pro Dota 2 scene for a long time, and considering his age he may choose to retire since there ren’t many players his age in the pro scene anymore. Nevertheless, he may still either choose to continue playing for a team as he’s still a great player, or he may take a more laid back approach and transfer to a coaching roll to help other teams.

Zai dota 2 tweet leave eg

It is very likely that Zai has been scouted from another team since he is fairly young and willing to continue in the pro scene after the team obtained 3rd place in TI6.

As you can see, Zai’s twiter info describes he is a “professional dota player”, however the team name which was once Evil Geniuses was removed. This confirms that has he left and also indicates that he is willing to play for another team.