Evil Geniuses Overwatch roster leaves org

The former EG roster took initiative, deciding to leave Evil Geniuses

Yet organisation has decided to part ways with the Overwatch scene. While it is likely that Evil geniuses will return to competitive Overwatch and sign another new roster for the upcoming season, it has been confirmed that their roster and EG has parted ways. In an announcement by the organisation, Evil Geniuses cited that the roster wished to part ways due to the belief that EG was holding them back. While this is possible, it is likely another excuse by an organisation to leave Blizzard’s competitive overwatch scene due to the poor focus on the game’s professional element.

players within the team felt that their synergy was not what it needed to be in order to progress, and requested their release

Statement from EG

It is possible the roster will quickly sign on with another organisation, considering that they left Evil Geniuses so suddenly, and they themselves has initiated the parting. That said, the members on the former roster are currently free, and certain members may be scouted for, namely “Kayuun” and “Dcop” which have shown fairly good results on their own.