Ex-Penta rebrands into Sprout with Denis and Spiidi being permanent members

Ex-Penta members have rebranded into Team Sprout. Denis and Spiidi will be permanent members on the new team and will be instrumental in trying to make the team great again.

Krystal on Facebook :

Its been a long time since my departure in PENTA, but now I finally found a home. Im proud to announce that from now on I will play for Sprout with Pawel, Jesse and my two old teammates Denis and Timo. The start was a rough one, but we are getting better and better. Our goal is obvious – make it through the major quals and try our best nonetheless throughout 2018. I hope everyone is still cheering for me and my new team and I want to say thank you for all the support I have received all these years. Love you guys! <3