Ex-Secret Manager Claims Past Players and Staff Unpaid

Team Secret

This week Evany Chang (MissHoneyBadger), former manager of Team Secret, claimed past players and staff (including herself) have not been paid winnings or reimbursed for costs.

In a TwitLonger post she claimed that she paid personally for travel and accommodation costs for Team Secret to attend ESL NY, on the condition that she be reimbursed once the team’s winnings from the competition were received.

That was over a year ago, and the money has still not been paid, she claims. Former Secret players Fly (Tal Aizik) and N0Tail (Johan Sundstein) also alledgedly have not received any winnings from their time playing with the team.

Cyborg Matt, the new manager of Secret has been the holdup according to both Evany and the tournament organisers, some of whom still have not been able to transfer the winnings to Team Secret. Team Secret have not made any official announcements regarding the matter however, and the issue may be ongoing.