ex-Vexed seek Organistion




Vexed recently let go of their rostered team, this comes after the team narrowly missed qualifying into the majors after having Ioskarish as a stand-in in the qualifiers.


ex-Vexed’s statement regarding the issue goes as :


“We would like to thank eBettle/Vexed guys for having us for the past eight months. Under their banner we had some amazing moments and attending two majors was definitely one of them.

“Unfortunately, poor management and lack of new sponsors lead to a situation where the organisation was not able to pay for our travel costs and salaries for the past month, the players didn’t get back almost 10,000 Euro.

“The organisation will be shut down and the blame was put on the sponsors, who apparently did not pay for advertisements. They left us without support, even though they could have sold us to other organisations, who were willing to pay enough money for us. At least now, the new organisation will avoid the extra cost of signing us.

We will be temporarily playing as noKappa, so keep supporting us! We are looking for an organisation, so if anyone is interested in us you can reach us via email: ralczi1337@gmail.com.”