ex-Vexed sign for AGG

Team AGG


ex-Vexed p(reviously known as noKappa) have been picked up by the newly formed organisation noKappa. The team has had some structural problems with their previous organisation Vexed.


However the team have not managed to get good results in the past few weeks. Their performance has been dwindling and the missed out on qualifying for the Dreamhack Masters Malmo. This setback didn’t seem to affect the team and they were picked up by AGG. AGG entered the eSports scene last month when they signed up the Canadian team SKDC. The NA roster however was not able to live up to their expectations as they are currently 0-10 in their league.


“We wanted to make a move to the larger stage,” AGG co-owner Brandon Spearman explained in a statement.

“Picking up a roster in EU with a lot of promise, a nice track record, and multiple major appearance was a no brainer.

“These guys are not only great players but amazing people and we are very excited about the future with them.”

Rallen also made a statement :


“I am very happy that we found a new home for us,” he said. “They showed a lot of respect towards us.

“I think we found our dream organization to work with together.”

AGG’s Roster right now is :

  • Rallen
  • Furlan
  • repo
  • Gruby
  • Hyper
  • Kubik ( Coach)
  • sngz ( manager)