eXplosive vs nEophyte Tips, Odds and Match Preview – hosted by D!ngIT 2016


Explosive vs nEophyte.

Today on the 5th of January at 5PM GMT we will inspect and analyse the match up between eXplosive and nEophyte.

This is a Best of One event that hosted by D!ngIT.

Neither of these teams have ever played against eachother although Explosive encountered SpaceS, nEophyte’ enemy. Explosive lost against SpaceS 2-0.

To kick of the both teams statistics we will begin with eXplosive.
Explosive’ best map at the moment appears to be Mirage with a landslide of positive results showing they are a strong Mirage team. Meanwhile they have lost a substantial amount of games on Dust2 (YP and SpaceS matches show bad results on this map). eXplosive have won 40% of their recent five games with two wins over HSGG and HPlay.

nEophyte are an inconsistent team with an up and down slope of wins and loses. Their best map is Mirage just like their opponent and their worst map is Train.

nEophyte: queztone , KETUBOR , frozen , DEV7L , ecko.

eXplosive: def , F1L1N , smike , crush , Pancher.

My prediction is difficult to make because both teams performance recently hasn’t been impressive but I will side with eXplosive because of their win over the HR mix win , HSGG.

My prediction is 58
% for eXplosive to take this Best of One event.

Calvin Hynes.