Expression announced retirement


After a few months on break, Expression has announced his retirement

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Expression has been playing competitive League of Legends since 2012. In the pas 5 years, Expression has played on a few incredible teams including Najin White, Najin Black and most recently, Longzhu Gaming. He had spent a little over a year in Longzhu before they announced they would be dropping the player where Expression stated he wanted to take a break. This come as little surprise, as he’s one of the oldest active players in the scene and everyone gets burnt out sooner or later.

While many expected Expression to return after his split long break, this would not be the case. He has expressed he would be permanently retiring from professional play, but beside that, has not released much. It is possible he would sign with another team as a coach or analyst, but it is also possible he may be forced to join the army in Korea (forced).