Extremely clean LeBlanc play

Feel somewhat sorry for the Ashe…

This is my play of the week for League of Legends. Leblanc not only used her ultimate very well, where others would usually just throw out the clone whenever they can, but it was actually useful. It’s not everyday that you see an enemy blow spells on a clone when they can’t see both Leblancs, but this player utilised the clone ultimate while out of range and at the best possible time, as Ashe was already aware of the bot lane’s actions of pushing up and looking for a dive.

As a result, the clone blew now only Ashe ultimate, but also Ashe’s flash through the false W. Extremely clean play.

Remember, Leblanc’s ultimate is NOT useless and can be used to juke enemy, and in this case, blow a few abilities / summoners if played correctly (out of enemy vision)