EYESPORTS female adds two

EYESPORTS.ru has completed their roster through the signing of two new female players.

EYESPORTS.ru is a Russian organization who signs only female players to the team. Due to the departure of Tatiana “Sindi” Gracheva and Alyona “parti” Kuzminikh, they were in need to sign 2 other female players to fill the spots. After a month of searching for 2 skilled female players, they decided to sign Olga “Knopk@” Horoshilova and  Natalia “neyroleptika” Sukhova.


The team is relatively small, however, the team had made it to the ESWC qualifiers. This was when the team reached out to the two newly signed players and asked “to play ESWC qualifiers as stand-ins”. Through this, Olga stated that she was”pleasantly surprised, how quickly we found a common language. After a few games, we talked and came to the conclusion that it would be great to practise together.”

EYESPORTS’s current roster is :

  • Alena “Ailey” Bordukova
  • Alena “Candy” Kuvaeva
  • Yevgenia “Jen” Gryaznikh
  • Natalia “neyroleptika” Sukhova
  • Olga “Knopk@” Horoshilova