EYESPORTS signs full male roster

EYESPORTS has just signed a new full male line up adding to their cs.go line up

This second EYESPORTS male team will be a sibling team to EYESPORTS female. EYESPORTS female had recently completed their full roster with bringing on two new players, Olga “Knopk@” Horoshilova and  Natalia “neyroleptika” Sukhova. EYESPORTS are entering the cs.go scene relatively new, but with the changes in the organization, it is expected we will be seeing a lot more of both teams. You can check out the EYESPORTS female post Here.


This move by EYESPORTS reveals that the Russian organization is looking to enter the pro scene with more focus and enthusiasm. I mostly suspected that EYESPORTS female was a publicity set up to help boost the EYESPORTS’s website / company, however, with the introduction of another team and the completion of EYESPORTS female, there is no doubt they are looking to climb the ranks and be a top team.


The complete EYESPORTS male roster will be :

  •  Andrey “Ou7bReaK” Radkin (captain)
  • Alexey “NickelBack” Trofimov
  • Miroslav “Qulon” Tsvigun
  • Konstantin “etl” Kim
  • Igor “norison” Matiev
  • Vitaly “ProVit” Turin (manager)