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facehunter deck

Deck name : Face hunter


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GOOOOOOO FACEEEEE!!!, well, obviously.

As facehunter, you want to apply as much pressure as possible to the opponent and force them to use spells on your lost cost minions.Many spells or minions that will be used to clear the minions you put will consume an equal or greater cost of mana compared to the mana you consume putting your minions down. By applying pressure, you force the opponent to constantly trade badly and lose value which is what makes face hunter so strong, while at the same time hated by most.


Card Breakdown :

Abusive sergeant : SUPER aggressive card, considered one of the essential minions required in this deck. This minion is just AWESOME because you gain so much value from it, it’s a 1 mana-cost 2-1 that can be played turn 1 to apply pressure while also being a super effective support card in the later game with it’s battlecry giving another minon +2 attack for that turn. No matter when you draw it, it will provide value, rarely ever a dead draw unless your board is empty in the late game.

Leper Gnome : By far the best card in terms of getting good value. The Leper gnome is a low cost card requiring only 1 mana to be played and ensures you gain 2 or more damage on the opponents face. This is due to the deathrattle “Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero” which ensures the 2 damage will be in effect even without your minions attacking, unless ofcource it gets silenced. Even then, its not a major set back since the enemy would then be wasting a silence on a 1 mana cost card. But either way, even if it does get silence, BOOM value since the enemy would be wasting a silence on a 1 mana creature.

Worgen Infiltrator : Only 1 of these are added to the deck, since its only a mediocre card in terms of value and a pretty flat dead draw in the later game, but VERY good late game as it synchronizes well with abusive sergeant you will be able to deal 2 damage the next turn as it’s possesses a stealth effect which prevents the minion from being “cleared” by enemy minions and spells as it is untargetable to the enemy until you deal damage with it. It stays in “stealth” until you attack with it and deal damage, make note that it can be cleared if the opponent has an area of effect card not requiring the enemy to be targeted eg. “flame strike” or “fan of knives”.

Explosive trap : This is the ideal trap for facehunter as not only does it add damage to your kit, but it ensure in a mirror match up against an enemy facehunter or another aggressive deck, you are able to clear the enemy’s board and gain tons of value. If you don’t have explosive trap, you can replace it with freezing trap if needed.

Flare : Amazing card to beat other mirror match ups and to counter two other decks which otherwise face hunter would struggle against such as Freeze mage and the common Secret Pally. Even if you draw this against another class without secrets, it isnt really a dead draw since you get a card off it once it is played.

Quick Shot : Essential in face hunter, SOOOOO much value in this awesome card. 2 mana for a direct 3 damage is GREAT, also if you draw it late game, it becomes insane since if your hand is empy, you draw a card. This card provides so much reach late game and adds a lot of top deck potential to kill the enemy. Quick shot is spell so it can be used to add damage to the enemy even if they have a taunt minion.

Haunted Creeper : Good card which delay agro decks, works wells with abusive sergeant to clear minions if needed. Good value since once the 1-2 part when summon dies, it has a death rattle effect which summons two other 1-1 minions.

Iron beak Owl : 100% needed in facehunter deck. This card is game winning when drawn in the right time, if you silence a taunt with it, you gain so much pressure against the enemy. Can be used to silence enemy “mad scienctists” if needed and good against every class as almost all classes run some sort of taunts.

Knife Juggler : Knife Juggler adds so much pressure, 2 mana 3-2 with a chance of a game winning random 1 damage dagger throw early game is crazy! This card synchronises very well with “unleash the hounds”. Try protec your knife juggler as much as possible, as if left allive, it can gains tons of value.

Mad scientist : This card cries out value, its a 100% must have in facehunter, CRAZY value. 2 mana 2-2 with a deathrattle effect of summoning a secret in your deck. Either way, the enemy is taking 2 damage when this card is played, either from your attacking him in the face if left alive, of the deathrattle effect of summoning your “explosive trap”

Eaglehorn Bow : Good value, 3 mana which gives you 6 or more damage as if a trap is trigered while the weapon is equipt, you gain another swing of the bow! Try use the bow to clear enemy minions to protect your minions, taking damage as a facehunter isn’t really a big problem, as most enemies will focus on destroying your minions and healing them selves instead of dealing direct damage to you.

Animal companion : All of the 3 minions is able to be summoned can be game winning, all the inios abled to be summoned is a top tier 3 drop. 3 mana for a 4-2 charge is an arcane golem without the wild growth effect it gives the enemy. 3 mana 4-4 taunt is tons of value, bascially a spider tank with the buff of 2 spare parts (+1 attack) (Add taunt). 3 mana 2-4 where all your minions get one attack is a raid leader with 2 extra health.

Kill Command : Adds extra damage to your kit, 3 damage spell where when you have a beast it does 5 damage. Good top deck card. Spell card meaning it has the abilty to target any enemy even if the enemy has a “taunt” creature.

Unleash the hounds : Works well against agro decks, as mentions above works well with knife juggler. Play unleash the hounds only when the enemy has many minions in the field, as it summons more minions as the amount of enemy minions increases. e.g., if you have a spare 3 mana and “unleash the hounds” against 1 enemy minion, it is better to play it next turn when the enemy has more minions,  it is better to “float” 3 mana than lose out of the future damage you can gain from the card. Try play the card when you can gain 3 or more damage, should be played at 2 enemy minions if you have knife juggler on the board.

Arcane Golem : 3 mana 4-2 with charge is amazing, however it does give the enemy a “wild growth” effect which can be bad against classes with big creatures such as driud. Arcane golem to be used late game preferably the 5 or 6 mana turn mark. Add tons of pressure which makes it ideal in facehunter.

Wolf rider : 3 mana 3-1 charge, nothing to be said. Typical face hunter card, applies good pressure. Avoid playing turn 3 against mage as it will most likely be destroyed straight away, avoid playing this card when you have a lot of minions on the field since it only has one health and can be cleared easily with a simple enemy Area of Effect damaging spell.

Leeroy Jenkins : Soooooo good, adds tons of pressure and top decking potention late game. Provides tons of reach to kill the enemy even if they have tons of health. Small set back when summoned as it gives the opponent 2, 1-1 whelps which can kill your leeroy. Try kill 1 of the whelps if you are able too as it makes sure the enemy has to give a buff to the other 1-1 to kill the leeroy, or it wil force a removal spell on it, other wise they will be slapped with another 6 damage burst.


Mulligans / gameplay

Rogue : Get all your agro cards, throw all your 3 drops beside your eagle horn bow. Keep bow since rogue has SI-Agent which will most likely be played in the early game which should be killed. Game play against rogue is that you have to make sure you don’t have more than 3 minions on the board since rogues can easily clear your board with a 1 or 2 card combo.

Warlock : Keep your iron beak owl, good against the two major decks of warlock including Handlock and Zoolock, owl can silence imp-gang boss in zoolock, while also being able to silence twilight drakes and taunted inions in Handlock. Keep all agro cards, toss explosive trap, flare and leeroy. Try aim for the 1 cost cards and 2 cost cards, toss the 3 cost cards. Against handlock you want to control the damage you put on his face so he doesn’t summon his molton giant for a low cost, you also don’t want to but more than 3 to 4 minions at the board at one time since handlocks can clear the board through “hellfire” or “shadowflame”.

Paladin : Keep all agro cards, toss out 3 drops. Only keep 3 drops if your going second and already have a 1 drop or double 2 drop, always keep flare. This is the only one of the 2 class’s where you should keep explosive trap so you can clear the paladin’s board early game. Counter muster of battle perfectly. If you have explosive trap in your hand, keep eagle horn bow too. Against paladin, watch out how many minions on the board you have at the same time as consecrate can easily stop face hunters in their tracks.

Warrior : Very hard match up, go as agro as possible. Owl should be kept to silence an early armor smith or sludge belchers. Win rate against warrior is quite low, however there aren’t many of them so you will be fine climbing with this deck.

Shaman : Keep 1 and 2 drops, toss all 3 drops unless you are second player with animal companion. Be careful of your minions on board because of their lighting storm. Always kill the shaman’s totems, you can also silence the 0-2 taunt totem and not kill it to ensure they will not get that totem again.

Druid : Keep owl, go as agro as possible and kill them before they get turn 7 as then they will be able to play ancient to lore, and ancient of war which the deck will struggle against. As facehunter, you would want to deal damage as much as possible with your minions first since driud has many late game taunts, save your spells until late game when you are then unable to hit the enemy with your minions. Against druid, quick shot and kill command is a great topdeck card.

Mage : Keep 1 and 2 drops. Toss all 3 drops. Keep flare always. If against a mech mage, clear the board, against freeze mage, you will have to kill them as fast as possible. If you suspect the mage has iceblock, make sure you get them to the lowest health possible before trying to kill them as it maximizes the damage on their health.

Hunter : This is the other class where you keep explosive trap. Other than that, mulligan as aggressively as possible to find a 1 drop, mad scientist, haunted creeper or flare. Generally whoever has the 1 drop in a mirror match up wins the game as it gives you a gigantic lead. Go as agro as possible, summon all your minions, if you suspect they have explosive trap, then clear the enemy board.

Priest : Go as aggressive as possible until turn 4 or 5 when the priest has access to “holy nova”, “light bomb” or the 2 card combo of auchenai soul priest + circle of healing which has the ability to clear any minion in the whole deck. Play style is similar to druid, deal as much damage as possible and save your spells for late game since decks such as the common counter dragon priest contains many taunts and buffs such as “valen’s chosen” and “power word shield”.


Good Combos:

  • Knife Juggler + Unleash the hounds
  • Haunted creeper + Abusive sergeant
  • Turn 1 : Coin Juggler. Turn2 : Double 1 drop.
  • Turn 2: Coin eagle horn bow. Turn 3 : Explosive trap + 1 drop. (Against agro decks)
  • Haunted creeper + Kill command + Kill command + Hero power. Possible 12 damage late game
  • Quick shots + Quick Shot + Leeroy Jenkins. Possible 12 damage late game

Fun and easily to learn deck, however to master this deck takes time. To identify possible board clears from the enemy and remembering chances of drawing a certain lethal card leading to a specific play is key to the deck and is the difference from a rank 20 > 10 > 5 > legend player.

This deck reached legend before, best deck for climbing as it has around a 70-80% win rate if played correctly, extremely fast paced which ensures you are able reach legend in no time!


Good Luck Climbing
Cheers, Boozy.