Facebook launches Gameroom to take on Steam

facebook-imageFacebook has always been interested in the Gaming demographic. After building its success off teens, Facebook wants to envelop their lives with its ecosystem. Gaming forms a huge part in their lives and as such it was not a big surprise to see Facebook’s several maneuvers into Gaming. They started off big with Mobile gaming, but the category was already dominated by Android in a huge way. Facebook failed massively to make a dent in the Android Gaming ecosystem.


This has brought Facebook to focus their efforts into PC Gaming. There are already several big names in the PC segment including Unity, Steam, Blizzard. With reports of Facebook potentially partnering up with Activision Blizzard soon to stream their games on social media, the social media giant looks forth to put its foot firmly in the Gaming market.


Facebook has announced their Gameroom platform for upcoming games and developers. The app is released in the Beta for testing and reporting bugs. However the main problem that Facebook will face has to be to get developers to their platform away from well established platforms such as Steam. Steam currently has around 125 million active concurrent users. As such Facebook is but a non-entity in the system right now.


Excerpts from the Facebook announcement ;

With Facebook Gameroom, Facebook is introducing an easier way for developers to bring high-quality games to the PC to take full advantage of the CPU and GPU native power. The Facebook build target lets you deploy your projects to either the new Gameroom desktop app for Windows as a native Windows player, or to Facebook.com using Unity’s WebGL support.

When the Facebook target build is active in the Unity Editor, you can use the Facebook SDK for Unity API to share content with Facebook friends, access the Graph API, and more. You will also be able to use the Unity IAP service to handle in-app purchases on Facebook. Everything you need comes integrated with Unity out of the box — you can even upload your builds to be hosted by Facebook directly from the Unity Editor.

The app is openly available for users to download on Windows 7 and up.

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