Faker turns 21 in Brazil!

Four time World Champion, Faker, turns 21

One of the, if not the youngest esports player whom ever entered esports, Faker will turn 21 while participating in the Mid Seasonal Invitations in Brazil. His amazing career has been watched by hundreds of thousands and his popularity is still growing. While he was originally viewed as one of the best rookies when he entered SKT and totally popped off during his first game as Nidalee, he is unquestionably the best player in the world. Not only is he amazing in lane with his god-like map awareness, his team play and shot calls are extraordinary.

As the best player in the world, Faker has been constantly travelling all over the world and attending various international competitions along with his team SKT. Faker’s life style is extremely stressful, as he even claims to be practising and refining his skills while on break. His past birthdays too have been held in various countries over the world, 18 in France, 19 in the United States, 20 in China and finally his 21st in Brazil. While MSI is extremely competitive I hope Faker will finally take the break he deserved after hitting his major 21st Birthday milestone.