Faze Clan leave WESA

Faze Clan were one of the founding members of WESA. WESA was founded with the objective of creating a union which would try to secure the interests of all and sundry concerned .Right now there is no mechanism to appeal to if an organisation refuses to honor its commitment.  However since its inception ,WESA has faced lots of troubles mainly from the community at large. They have been viewed as an ESL front. People are also of the opinion, that this is a way for ESL to continue its plan of ‘private league and total dominance in the CSGO scene’.


Faze clan raised concerns at the lack of transparency within WESA. While the intention of founding WESA has been noble for Faze, the lack of information coming forth from WESA and the backlash from the community towards WESA has been seen as a sign for Faze to pull the plug on its commitment.


Quoting Faze


“After the WESA press conference, we raised the same concerns again and it was the first time we saw the external messaging and communication from WESA — and it concerned us,” FaZe said in a news release. “It doesn’t lack big metaphors of what it could be, but it lacks transparency on how to get there and that is the main reason for why we are leaving WESA.”

The full statement by the organisation :


Hey all!
Over the recent days there has been some speculation to whether or not FaZe Clan will be leaving WESA. Today, we are confirming our departure from the Association. FaZe Clan is an organization built with true gamers and true gaming fans. We have a responsibility to voice our opinion and do what’s right for all our members, creators, players and most importantly, our fans; which really is our true voice.
We love gaming. We’ll always keep doing what we love and that also includes e-sports. To build and compete. To get knocked down and to get back up again. To be a family. To show our strength and hopefully, one day – lift trophies in multiple games. Together.
We joined the CS:GO scene a few months ago. We’ve had a blast so far and becoming a part of this scene has led us to a lot of new friendships. It’s also been stressful and at times very frustrating. We’ve learned more about ourselves the last few months than over the last few years. We now have the right culture to win and we are on track to compete at the very top. CS:GO is also growing so fast, and along with it comes a lot of forces and opportunities. One of these opportunities is WESA.
WESA is a pro-active initiative with a big vision. We clearly see the upside of building a product that aligns the pro scene and provides stability. The big vision executed would be a right step towards progressing e-sports into more of a traditional sports setup and all the benefits that comes with that. Another point is that, as of today, we are a part of the EU scene and we play in the EU leagues. We are also a new addition to CS:GO and we did not want to feel left out. So, we joined WESA and we were also fairly enthusiastic about it.
We feel that WESA still has lots of challenges to overcome and we feel that right now it’s not the best place for us to be.
Building a league system with a governing body is interesting and maybe even what e-sports needs to take the next step forward. We believe in time and patience, aligning and unifying the entire scene is the key to bring the true vision to life – which from a conceptual point of view is impressive.
That is what we believe is the true key to success for initiatives such as WESA and e-sports in general. A sport where multiple publishers, leagues, organizations and players from all over the world needs to collectively challenge each other, improve and work together. Whether it’s WESA or others figuring out how to execute this – we’ll be supporting ideas that bring e-sports forward.
What is not true is that a team that wants to leave will have to pay a penalty. WESA would never penalize organizations for having a difference of opinion and they respect our decision. Finally, WESA and ESL are two different organizations. ESL has been good to us, showed understanding and assured us that even if we aren’t in WESA, we’ll be invited to their leagues and tournaments. In other words: We are leaving on good terms.
We also want to give a special thanks to EnVy, NiP, Fnatic, and G2. You have all been incredibly generous, showed us the scene and welcomed us with open arms. We will always be here and we are huge fans of your energy and belief.
Now it’s time for us to go back to what truly matters; building FaZe Clan, keep grinding FaZe 2.0 (which is still in the humble beginnings), and to make our incredible fans proud. WE LOVE YOU!
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