Faze signs Guardian

Guardian will replace allu on the starting roster

In an effort to push for the top, Faze has taken action to once again improve the individual player skill of the roster by replacing allu with newly signed Guardian. Guardian had previously played for Natus Vincere, another top tier cs.go team and is no stranger to the competitive cs.go scene. He is one of the most highly regarded awpers in the game

“And thank you to allu for all of the hard fought battles over the past year — allu is an incredible talent and we wish him the best of luck on his next chapter.”

While this was mentioned by the team, they decided to keep hims signed with the team, currently on the bench. This doesn’t sound too good, as while Faze does retain a great player, they are certainly impacting the potential growth of allu by forcing him to stay with them, with little to no play time in the big tournaments.

While guardian has previously placed in the bottom eight at the Krakow Major 2017, he is still a great talent that can lift Faze to new levels.