Faze suffer a surprise loss to Dignitas

Going into the game FaZe were favourites, most people expecting a 2-0. Despite this Team Dignitashave been boot camping and practising hard and we could see a new level from them going into this tournament. In all honesty I do not think many people were overly hopeful of that from Dignitas especially with the continued rise that FaZe was on. FaZe are still not proven at LAN meanwhile Dignitas are proven bad on LAN. It will be interesting to see what the two week bootcamp can do to Dignitas’ chances. Lijang Tower, King’s Row and Gilbraltar were the maps.

Faze has been one of the most anticipated tournaments in Overwatch. Their roster has had relatively high hopes, but have failed to deliver on multiple fronts. The team has a very loose style of gameplay and its very momentum based. They had a fantastic Map 1; however once they started losing it just didnt stop.


Dignitas won the series in the end, in what was a very unexpected result for many.