Faze vs G2 Analysis, Odds and Preview

Faze vs G2.


Today we will analyse the match up between Faze and G2. This match is a best of three hosted by ECS Season One. These teams have played against each other twice with G2 Esports emerging the victors.

Faze recently dropped Maikelele in favour of Kioshima who has since been incorporated into the team perfectly. Their match wins have rose since the addition of ex-EnvyUs player Kioshima with wins over Fnatic, EnvyUs and Dignitas. Their recent win rate is set at 80% with one loss againstMouz.
Faze’ Results :
Faze vs Mouz – LOSS
Faze vs EnvyUs – WIN
Faze vs EnvyUs – WIN
Faze vs Fnatic – WIN
Faze vs Dignitas – WIN

Despite having one of the best possible rosters in CS:GO history with iconic players such as ScreaM and Shox G2 Esports have not being playing well at all. The French side put up a hard fight in their recent matches most recently with two best of two’s against Navi and NIP where they drew both best of two’s with 1-1 scorelines.
G2 Esports Results:
G2 vs Astralis – LOSS
G2 vs NIP – WIN
G2 vs NIP – LOSS
G2 vs NAVI – WIN


My prediction : Based off of both teams recent win rates and the fact that Faze have obviously played better recently with much more impressive wins and effective finishes. My prediction is favour of Faze at 65%.

Calvin Hynes.