Faze vs Luminosity – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

Faze vs Luminosity

Dreamhack Leipzig



Faze has been playing some decent CSGO. They have  played just two best of One’s but we can already see quite some improvement in their gameplay from the previous 1-2 LAN’s. FAZE has a very nice team consisting of some really good aimers. Their main gameplay is revolving around their aim. They use their aim to get a decent advantage over other teams. Faze like playing on puggy maps such as Dust2, Cache. They also like playing on Train. Their last match against NaVi was on Train, but NaVi being a tier one team and a very good one at that definitely had the advantage over Faze on that map. Faze has several players who can just step up at any point of time and can clutch good situations.




Luminosity after their surprise performances in two LAN’s have been not so good in this particular tournament. Their performance has been lacklustre considering their performance However Luminosity have been known to step up their game on Day 2 of any tournament. During the first LAN that they played using this lineup, they had lost 16-0 on the first day but then managed to comeback and go onto the finals of the tournament. That being said, we have to go on their current performance  right now. Luminosity lost their first match of the tournament against Faze but did manage a good comeback in their elimination match against SK to win that match 2-1.




The probably vetoes of the match here could be :


  • Luminosity ban Cache
  • Faze ban Cobblestone
  • Luminosity pick Overpass
  • Faze pick Dust2
  • Luminosity ban Train
  • Faze ban Mirage
  • Last map is Inferno


Dust2 and Inferno are maps that Faze appears to be favored on. Faze have already defeated Luminosity once on the previous match against them. Dust2 is one of Faze’s best maps. Their aimpunch really comes handy on this map.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Faze

The Bet : Low to Medium on Faze