Faze vs Tempo Storm Tips Odds and Previews

Katowice 2016

Faze vs Tempo Storm

This afternoon we will analyse and get an insight into the game between Tempo Storm and Faze. This best of one event is hosted by IEM Katawoice 2016 and will commence on the 3rd of March at 12.45PM GMT.

Formerly known as Kinguin.G2 and recently picked up by their new organisation Faze a little over a month ago has seen them excelling in their first tournament getting a win over Luminosity straight off the bat! They have also won 60% of their last five games with wins over Virtus.Pro on two occasions and a win over Luminosity.

Tempo Storm have won three of their last five games giving them a 60% win rate of their last five games.

My prediction is 78% for Faze based on the teams they win against compared to Tempo Storm.

Calvin Hynes.