FC Anji drops esports division

Only after 4 months of operation, FC Anji has given up on esports

Due to the poor performance of the club ever since they formed a team in Dota 2, they have decided to stop perusing the esports scene. The Russian football club originally formed a new Dota 2 roster with the help of “XBOCT” whom was a highly skilled player participating in the CIS region. The team would go on to be called “Cyber Anji” and received huge hype and large expectations from the community, however, their performance was a whole other story.  Post formation, the team only participated in regional and other minor tournaments, failing to break through the International scene. When they tried to enter TI7, they placed a disappointing 8th place

The loss of FC Anji is a huge blow to esports. This decision will create huge shock waves which will discourage other larger sporting organisations from entering competitive gaming. It is unlikely Anji will look into esports again, as they have dissolved their Cyber Anji division.