Featured fan art : Ms Lydix

This time, we featured an amazing artist student going by “Ms Lydix”

The video above was created by an amazingly talented 18 year old, Luzie, currently an artist student. She has posted many remarkable pieces on her “deviantart” profile, which can be viewed through clicking the link. The video is a speed drawing of Bloodmoon Jhin, a champion skin many would be familiar with, as it is regarded as one of the most popular skins in League of Legends. It’s only a small clipping of her entire drawing, but you can see that she starts out with her own template (pencil) and proceeds to colour the piece. Watching the colour being added is simply amazing, the way she colours adds shade and depth to the Bloodmoon Jhin, and the spots of white make the drawing so professional.

League of Legends fanart - Thresh by MsLydix

You can catch more of “Ms Lydix’s” work on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. While there are numerous League of Legends themed fan art on her profile, she also draws Overwatch characters along with other ideas she came up by herself. The Thresh price above recently caught Reddit’s attention, and reached over 700 upvotes in under 5 hours!