Firebat finds new home in Cloud 9


After the intense drama with Archon, Firebat has finally found a new team to call home.

Firebat c9

It’s been a month since Firebat announce he’d be leaving Archon, after management issues and a pay dispute coupled with poor player relations. Firebat has finally decided to join a team, even though he represented team Tempo Storm at the Red Bull Tavern Brawl tournament, Firebat ended up joining Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 is a great choice for this top star player, since Cloud 9 as most if not all of you know, is one of the biggest and most successful gaming organizations around. Cloud 9 currently supports or has supported some of the best Hearthstone competitive players or streamers around in the community, and Firebat is more than likely to find the gaming team suitable for his level.

firebat c9 2

Cloud 9 have had a rocky year in 2015, with major players such as “Gnimsh” and “TideofTime” announcing they’d be leaving the team, along with rumors that “Ekop” would also part ways. Now with Firebat in the Cloud 9 equation, there is no doubt they will be one of the greatest if not the greatest Hearthstone team around, with star players like StrifeCro and Kolento, they are sure to topple the ladder in the coming year. This year will be the year for Cloud 9, with the 3 superstars known internationally in the Hearthstone community all gathered into 1 team.