Firebat Represents Tempo Storm At Red Bull’s Team Brawl

Further drama surrounding Firebat this week, with the announcement that James “Firebat” Kostesich will be representing team Tempo Storm in the RedBull Team Brawl tournament. This is highly controversial since James “Firebat” Kostesich left Archon on bad terms, due to a confirmed “payment dispute” resulting in team friction and his eventual departure from the team.

Fire bat statement

If you follow the Hearthstone scene, you will immediately recognize why this is such a hot topic. Both Archon and Tempostorm are long standing rivals, with owners “Reynad” from Tempo Storm and “Amaz” from Archon publicly criticising one another’s team.

Watch some drama : Here

This move by James “Firebat” Kostesich is described as an attack on Archon, by Archon co-owner and player manger, Backspace.

Archon however, isn’t totally innocent in this issue either, as they also recently posted a video intending to discredit Firebat, which has been seen by the community as unprofessional and very immature. In this video, Amaz and Backspace talks about how “Firebat” likes to portrays himself as the “victim” and goes to talk about his mismanagement of his pet dog and describes how “Firebat’s room, smelled like pure urine”

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The video can be found : Here

Note that Firebat has not announced he has joined the TempoStorm roster, but that he is only representing them in the RedBull’s Team Brawl tournament.