First player ever reaches 10k MMR – Dota


Abed has been crowned the first player to reach / break the 10k MMR milestone

As many know, MMR is one of the most sought after things in Dota 2, as it is a determinant of a player’s solo queue skill. Thus is because competitive Dota 2 is solely based off a player’s MMR, where winning ranked games will increase the number, and losing will decrease the number. As a result,  many players aim to raise their MMR through countless games to flex their skill at other members of the community.

The competition to hit 10,000 match making rating points was a race between countless professional players. Abed is officially the first player to ever hit 10k MMR and definitely deserves the title. Abed currently plays for Digital chaos as their midlaner and is currently also performing extremely well in the competitive scene. While his team lost to Fnatic in the ZOTAC Cup and ended up with 5th-6th place, this by no means reflected Abed’s performance in the tournament, as he mostly continued to dominate his lane.

It is likely Abed will be scouted out by many now as he reaffirms his stance as one of the best players through his celebration of attaining 10k MMR.