First trainer to fully complete his Pokédex! – Awesome!





Pokémon trainer “Nick Johnson” is officially the first person in the world to fully complete his Pokédex through either catching or evolving the Pokémon.

Nick Johnson had already been a well known name, as he was the first person in the United States that caught all the Pokémon in his region. Nick has recently sealed his record further by being the first player in the world to watch every Pokémon in the game, including the exclusive Pokémon found in other countries.

Nick traveled to the countries listed below to catch the missing Pokémon :

France – Mr Mime

Hong Kong – Farfetch’d

Sydney – Kangaskhan


During his amazing journey, according to the Pokémon app, Nick has walked 153 kilometres and has reportedly lost 10 pounds. Playing to be the best seems like a win-win situation for me, have fun and be healthy!

How did Nick afford this trip?

Nick was sponsored by Expedia and Marriot after noticing he was the first player to collect all the Pokémon in the United states region.


Congratulations once again to Nick for being the first ultimate Pokémon Trainer!